Some of the following thoughts on love and friendship are inspired by the words of Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet.  I started writing this in July of 2010 and finished it late August 2010.

A redwood trees’ roots do not immediately deepen into the hard soil of the earth but spread horizontally, clinging to another tree, creating vast networks of roots hidden beneath the soft topsoil. In this way, the trees allow themselves to ripen individually, gathering the life-giving rays of the sun’s light and water’s nourishment to slowly grow, strengthen, and bloom. This steady reliance on others with a high inducement to become something in itself is a great exacting claim upon a tree, but also a call to becoming vast things. A friendship is best seen as two redwood trees growing side by side. Ever-seeking another’s roots as it is ever-deepening into a dirt rich in minerals is living in reality. The reality is not the other, but the deepening with the other, changing with the other. Reality is relationship, and relationships are vast things. Vast things contain but desire to connect. Contained in a being may be sweltering deserts and cool forests, and it is through these that one is trekking. These vast things might be eventually allowing each other’s life to become a world for the other’s sake. Allowing a love to slowly grow in the core of things, to create the space for the merging, surrendering and uniting between not a man and a woman, but between a human being and a human being becomes the desire, becomes the heart of life. That spirit and body, connected by a love vein to all things becomes the wheel that turns within, to a pulse that is steady, and that rhythmic wheel just never stops turning as long as love never stops pulsing.


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